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About Chill Hub

⋅•⋅⊰∙∘☽ WELCOME TO CHILL HUB! ☾∘∙⊱⋅•⋅

△ This is a server mainly for making friends and just chilling! If you're looking for a
non-specific server to just hang around in and meet new people, this may be for you! △

。☆。+:。.。complimentary self-roles and levelling system..。.。:+
。☆。。。。。 +:。.。sfw and lgbtq+ friendly.。.。:+
。☆。 +:。.。multiple channels/vc's/bots for different things.。.。:+
。☆。。。。。+:。.。introduce yourself channel.。.。:+
。☆。。。。。+:。.。events and giveaways often.。.。:+
。☆ 。+:。.。amazing staff who help keep the server in order.。.。:+
。☆。。+:。.。friendly members to enjoy your time here.。.。:+
。☆。。。。。。+:。.。many emojis to use.。.。:+
。☆。。。。。 +:。.。server shop and currency.