Digimon: City of Neo-Eden
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About Digimon: City of Neo-Eden

Welcome to the City of Neo-Eden! The first human colony in the Digital World! After years of hard work humanity has managed to find a way to open a permanent gate between the Real World and the Digital World. Now humans can travel with ease to the Digital World, on a whim really. A prosperous city was built on a large island. The city is home to both humans and Digimon alike. Friendships will be started, bonds will be formed, and a new life is for everyone that wishes it. However, most of the island is still untamed, dangerous and powerful wild Digimon roam those areas. It is advised not to go there.

But what is adventure without danger? Those that wish to become real tamers must be willing to risk it all! And as long as they have their partner Digimon with them nothing is impossible. However, beware, for the wild Digimon are not the biggest threat. Not everything in Neo-Eden is what it seems. There are forces in the shadows readying their own plans. Whether those plans involve just