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Camelot [ERP/18+]
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About Camelot [ERP/18+]

Welcome to Camelot! A place that welcome any naughty and kinky person to indulge in their desire for ERP! A place where money talk big around here so gather the currency of this place is the key and to find the right partner to release some stress~

The major source of the server for slut and master to come together to have kinky fun~ No need for plot here beside throwing money to the girls and start making some rough love~

That's right! The server has currency which will be a key factor of paying for perks, prostitutes, and other things inside the shop! Getting money as easy by being active, ERP, or becoming a prostitute yourself~

✦》Active Community
I love to have an active community so everyone can have a partner to play or people to talk to among each other to forget the bad time. The rules will kick away any unwanted people to keep the server safe, secure and most importantly, fun! Lurker are welcome to stay but they are limited on what t