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Camelot [ERP/18+]
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About Camelot [ERP/18+]

Welcome to Camelot! A starting server that seek for Active members and kinky individual that wish to have a good time~ This server mainly focus on Public ERP which you can join in quickly and find the right partner for everyone! We seek for a very active community to please everyone's desire and make this small community be strong and healthy for everyone to have good time!

✦》Active Community
As I say before, I love to have an active community so everyone can have a partner to play or people to talk to among each other to forget the bad time. The rules will kick away any unwanted people to keep the server safe, secure and most importantly, fun! Lurker are welcome to stay but they are limited on what they can do here.

✦》Public ERP
The server strife for the Public ERP done in the server which will be the major factor of the server without much of a plot and let anyone jump in into the steamy action or adventure they wish to do with their partners! Lots of channel to ERP