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About ⚜ Roleplay Diaries ⚜

Roleplay Diaries is a server focusing primarily on Minecraft Diaries. We use several different kinds of roleplay, such as chat-based, prose-based, and even dungeons & dragons style! Don’t be afraid to suggest a new style of roleplaying, either.

We hold events every so often, ranging from games of mafia to movie nights. A self-assignable role will help you opt-in to event pings, so don’t worry about being notified for something you don’t want to attend.

We have channels for MyStreet, My Inner Demons, Void Paradox, and Diaries: Rebirth along with the main roleplay channels, so don’t feel confined to only one series! There is also lots of activity in the out-of-character channels; our members welcome newcomers and tend to become close very quickly.

We use Tatsu for welcomes and goodbyes, Reaction Roles for self-assignable roles, and Tupperbox for chat-style roleplays.