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✧・゚*Femininity*・゚✧ Discord Server

Welcome to the Feminity Discord server, a community aimed at discussing and discovering your feminine aspects, welcoming to all genders!

We feature:
✯ Level 1 Server Boost, open to partnerships.
✯ Channels and topics centered around femininity, with a small community of all genders embracing their feminine aspects
✯ Music Bots and text games for some fun when you're bored: Dank Memer, Idle Miner, Mantaro, Yui, and Yggdrasil's userphone
✯ Vent channels to rant about your frustrations
✯ An open-minded and welcoming mindset for you to enjoy your time

We are still small, and first-timers. We look forward to improving the server to suit users and to evolve as more people find their favorite safe space!