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Serveil Bastille Discord Server

Hello! This server is an rpg server by its' theme, but it's more intended to be a server where I and others can hopefully help create a community that enjoys each others' presence. This server is conceptualized by the image of adventurers and a community built around supporting each other. We are fairly light on rules, but there are basics such as respect that do apply. We don't have established lore for the world, but it's a work in progress.

As of now, we mostly just text, play and chill out with bots but we are more than happy to take suggestions to improve our server and add to what we have! We really love to talk to and interact with others, and often play games, listen to music and watch anime together. Plus we always have room for more!

So all in all, if you're someone who's interested in having a good time and meet others with a hint of fantasy themes relating to the server, please feel free to join! We're always welcoming.