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About The Age of Dragons

Greetings. You find yourself before our cave, outsider; if you are of draconic descent, you may consider yourself welcomed. Otherwise, you have little reason to come further. Those who are of the scaled ilk, here you will find a community-based server for feral dragons or dragon-related creatures with channels for art, video games, memes, n̶s̶f̶w̶, and a variety of bots that do more than just provide moderation commands.

One of the most extensive parts of the channel is the roleplaying aspect. We've made an original map of the continent Kheldran, names and descriptions for the 84 noteworthy areas of it, and a channel for each of these areas.

Entry into this server is allowed only for feral dragons or dragon-related creatures! Beyond that, anyone who wishes to enter into this domain shall be allowed.

If you do decide to join us, then I welcome you, Dovah Fahdon, into our haven for those of the scaled kind. Enjoy your stay.