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  • Members: 658
  • Category: Gaming
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About 🍰 A Piece of Cake 🍰

A small and chill community/friends server. We started as a Warframe clan, but now our server is just a good place to hang around *and* we have a Warframe clan *and* we have a DDO guild on Thelanis.

We got:
- A load of emojis for almost any situation
- Friendly members that can occasionally roast you or each other
- Relaxed environment, no drama
- A lot of thematic channels like art, food, anime, nsfw, shitposting and more
- Weekly D&D sessions on roll20
- Self-assignable roles that unlock a few server channels, show what games you play and help with Warframe LFG
- 2-axis reaction karma system
- Vote-picked mods and leaders - it will take time and effort, but you can become a leader too
- Playtime tracking, so you can check what games you or someone else played
- Our own bot that can do nearly anything (like the 4 previous things)

Our requirements:
- Speak English
- Don't be an asshole
- Be over 16 years old