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Neo Sentience Discord Server

Neo Sentience is a community for biohackers, technologists, scientists, entrepreneurs and researchers to engage in productive endeavors, interact, share data, and hang out.

We're an informal and tight-knit community of loyal members valuing reason, science, evidence, and honesty. Our core members are largely apolitical, atheistic, and non-ideological.

While we have a certain set of topics we typically prioritize, we allow and encourage conversations about virtually anything. At the very core of the community, we empower members to improve themselves while inspiring others, increase their productivity, and gain a deeper understanding of humanity's technological advancement.

Our community focuses on a broad range of well-connected topics, including:
– Tech
– Science
– Research
– Nootropics / Cognitive Enhancers (CEs)
– Business & Entrepreneurship
– Neuropsychopharmacology
– Crypto
– Implants
– Privacy & Sec

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