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About Chaos Discord

Chaos. Everyone needs it in some manner, as it relieves stress in a very therapeutic way. If you'd like to be in a server full of complete chaos (in a comedic manner of course), join Chaos Discord today.

We offer:
Very few rules that aren't very constricting, so you can do a lot more of what you want on here.

Many kinds of bots, including Dank Memer, Groovy, Birb, Aki, Pokecord, Guess The Number, Trivia, and many others.

Requests that are approved nearly every time.

If you request a channel be made, you get to be the channel's moderator, and get a personalized role!

Many kinds of roles that you can buy through gambling with UnbelievaBoat, and ones that you can join with a simple command.

Many kinds of interactive games and activities, such as question of the day, the question game, the sentence game, reaction polls, truth or dare, would you rather, and more.

Join Chaos Discord asap, so you can get your daily dose of organized chaos!