Angias’ Pet Konbini
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About Angias’ Pet Konbini

Angias’ Pet Konbini

Hello, from Angel and Deias, owners of Angias' Pet Konbini, a cute pet shop themed server with anime influences ("konbini" as all good weebs know, is short for convenience store), to grow a small community in a fun environment that we could appreciate as our own.

The both of us never quite sit well with most of the communities or people in most other servers, so the easiest way to counter that was to make our own!

⇘      Important Information     ⇙
What bots do we have?
↳ PokeCord- Who doesn’t love catching them all?
↳ Mudae- Better yet, catching anime lovers >~~
↳Unbelievaboat- We have many items in the shop that grant access to secret channels and roles!
↳Miki- Big Tiddy Anime Waifu?
↳Tatsumaki- Big Tidd