Beyond the Veil Saga
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About Beyond the Veil Saga

**Beyond The Veil Saga**
Have you ever lain awake at night all alone in the dark? Have you ever heard the tapping on the window pane? Seen shadows move across your windows? Have you ever heard chilling noises in the night? Do you ever have the feeling that you are being watched?

Is it really just a figment of your imagination?

You *are* being watched.

Behind every closed door.
Outside every window.
In every closet.
Around every corner.
Within every mirror.
Concealed in every darkness, they are there, beyond the Veil.

Wherever you are, Human or Supernatural, know this: You are not safe.

2019. London. A hub of supernatural and paranormal activity. You are invited to join in their saga, find ways to survive and find out what secrets you can discover **Beyond the Veil**.

Beyond the Veil Saga is an Urban Fantasy RP set in London. This is a chance to craft your own stories and have them play out the way you want them to within this world. We have many things to off