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About Corruption of Champions

Hiya!~ Welcome to the land of Mareth! Where adventures into all types of locations, and fantasies, will occur! This is a server based off of the Fennox Game Corruption of Champions, if you couldn’t tell. As such this server is lewd, and 18+. As a server we offer a lot of things! Like!

♡ A friendly community with helpful staff that will try and assist you however they can!

♡ Lore from game Corruption of Champions. Allowing for more Story like things to be incorporated into Roleplay!

♡ Links to the game, as well as a link to two standalone Mods of the game, and a SWF Player to be able to play them!

♡ Detailed and Experienced RPers! One-Liners are not welcome in this community, as CoC itself has advanced writing, so we expect the same from those that RP it!

♡ Many Different races to choose from! Allowing for for interesting interactions!

♡ The ability to make a Custom Race! However you must ask staff for approval of the race first!

If any of these