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About Night Owls

πΏπ’’π΅π’―π’¬πΌπ’œ+ friendly serverβ”Š20+             ⁣
Staying up late? So are we. 20+ ο½…ο½˜ο½ƒο½Œο½•ο½“ο½‰ο½–ο½… hangout for adults.
β”Šβš­ Relaxed & laid-back lounge for adults (20+); whose focus is daily living & video games ⚬
β”Šβš­ Age Restricted, gated community ⚬
β”Šβš­ Friendly community, Active Staff ⚬
β”Šβš­ 61 self-assignable roles to choose from ⚬
β”Šβš­ LBGTQ+ friendly environment; inclusive identity roles ⚬
β”Šβš­ Level 1 Discord Server Boosting ⚬
β”Šβš­ Hot Button Debates & Topics allowed (open platform for discussion) ⚬
β”Šβš­ Active Chat & Regular VC ⚬
β”Šβš­ Celebrating over 200+ members! (6/1/20) ⚬