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Hello stranger, your discord is growing in pain. We have the solution to this. we are a new opened advertising server, that is new in the market come in and check yourself. We can offer all kinds of advertising on the market and some more! We can coustomize for your needs and desires. In our eyes, the customers is always right so we adapt to the customer's needs. We are working to become the largest discord advertising server ever so every person who comes to us we take super seriously with everything.

This is a littel list what we have on the server

:full_moon: simple self assignable roles. :

:full_moon: Speech roles for
Vip with @everyone ping and 1 month of advertising in sperate

:full_moon: General channels. area for you to chat, spam.chill, and meet

:full_moon: accepting partnerships!: full_moon: over 50
advertise channels:

:full_moon: Mouthleygiveaway on nitroboost x3:

:full_moon: speicla roles for boosters whid vip pe