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About Story

▬ If you hade long day and gathered lots of dirt both literally and symbolically ▬

░ If you cannot find server that talks about meaningful and deep stuff but is not dead serious ░

▒ If life thrown you off your path that you once walked with integrity, we will set you back on track, with discussion, advices and occasional light hearted banter ▒

▓ If you are all that above then join this server, if not for fun reasonable community then at least for support on your path, be it social, economical, spiritual, religious or whichever path you walk as long as its honorable one ▓

█ This servers prime function is following: Community/social(this includes stuff like food, art, and anime), Spiritual Sangha(Company of right people on your spiritual path), finding real friends, and ofcourse support on whatever path your on █

██ Secondary function of this server is: all the rest but no NSFW or gore, trolling or toxicity ██