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About Anti-Anti-Bully Bullying Squad

A slightly "stolen" and edited description cause of laziness...

Looking for another small server to waste your time or start lurking like a weirdo? If so, then you have come to the right place! I think! And that's cool, right? Heck, you might actually even like being here!... it even has... Emotes! I think, but I'm not sure, were even emotes uploaded? Who knows!
Anyway, you like those Chinese cartoons and at times then being lewted, right? Stop that, it's weird, grow up. I mean join the server!

As for how it is or isn't... They say you won't know if you like the beer until you have... Jupp you guessed it right, you have to chug down the entire thing! We are not wine tasters, well, not all of us! But a sip will do you no good!