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Hello! This server is still new but if we just drink coffee and chill, we might be growing into a small little community!
Hope to see you there!

We are a fun little community that experiments with bots and sells coffee!, didn't think that did ya!, Though new, we are just some nice dudes and gals trying to have some fun! Though there might be a pseudo-roleplay aspect where my cafe is a restaurant, and me and my staff are creating some currencies so that you can buy some coffee or food and stuff, ANYWAY We have self-roles! But my staff wont let me make Individual roles cause It'll make a whole bunch of confusion D:<, We have zones where you can just react to a role then it unlocks it for ya! I cant explain anymore of the stuff the staff made since I don't know what they even added to the cafe, We Hope To See You There! We are just a FUN little community, And another important note: Don't mind the manager serving the costumer's, It was supposed to be the staff and waiters and waitr