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About Yūei Academy - Go Beyond RP

Mature Roleplayers ✓
Competent Quality Roleplay ✓
Satisfactory Characterization ✓
Active Social Community ✓
Allowance of appropriate canon bending ✓
Inclusivity of Vigilante & Oumagadoki Zoo characters ✓✓
Mediocracy ‎X

Ever wanted to join a roleplay community that just gets you? Well look no further, newbie! Yūei Academy - Go Beyond RP is the server for you! We here stress quality in roleplay and charactership! Just like the canon U.A. we accept the best of the best! Don't freak out, our acceptance rate is obviously not as harsh as the actual school, but you get the point!

Now come on in, mingle a little, get to know the staff and meet your new hero pals! WE ARE HERE!
We also accept OCs and Canon Characters crossover into BNHA lore. Come in for more details!