What is Discord Markdown?

Learn how to use Discord markdown to add formatting to your messages

What is Discord Markdown?

Discord uses markdown to add formatting to messages in Discord. Markdown includes italics, bold text, underline and blockquotes for users with more being available for bots. While there aren't any options in it's user interface we've put together a cheat sheet and guide to help you use markdown in Discord.

Discord Markdown Cheatsheet

Quickly use markdwon to format your messages in Discord using this handy cheatsheet we made

Markdown Preview Example
Bold Bold Markdown **This is bold**
Italics Italics Markdown *This is italics*
Bold Italics Bold Italics Markdown ***This is bold italics***
Block Quote Blockquote Markdown > This is a blockquote
Strikethrough Strikethrough Markdown ~~This is a strikethrough~~
Spoilers Spoilers Markdown ||This text will be hidden in Discord||
What is Discord markdown?

Discord Markdown for bots

Developing a bot for Discord? Discord bots have access to all of the above markdown plus urls that can be used in embeds and slash commands. To create a url follow this example: [This is the link text](https://google.com)

Discord Codeblocks

Discord also makes use of code block Markdown, code blocks can be used to escape and format code within Discord.

Markdown Example
Inline Codeblock `This is an inline code block`
Multiline Codeblock ```This is a multiline code block```
Discord Codeblocks