Is Betterdiscord safe?

Betterdiscord is a client modification for Discord, learn how to use it safely

Is Betterdiscord safe?

Betterdiscord is a client modification of Discord, which technically breaks the Discord ToS. Betterdiscord allows users to use custom themes and plugins to modify how their Discord client looks and functions such as adding custom backgrounds or revealing deleted messages.

Is Betterdiscord safe?

Betterdiscord as a whole is generally safe to download and install, it contains no malicious code and cannot lead to being compromised itself. However, third party plugins and themes can execute code in your client which can lead to unwanted behavior or worse, your Discord account could be compromised.

Is betterdiscord safe?

When installing third party plugins and themes you should definitely make sure what you are installing is from a reputable developer with a track record of creating good plugins. You should definitely stay away from random plugins found on github, pastebin or recommended to you by people you haven't known long.

Is Betterdiscord against ToS?

Betterdiscord is against Discords ToS. Discords ToS specifically prohibits modifications to their client which includes Betterdiscord, though many people still use it anyways and haven't been banned from Discord. If you do install and use Betterdiscord it's recommended to only use it for cosmetic reasons and to slightly enhance Discords functionality, using it to do things like spam will lead to your account being suspended. Even if you don't spam, faulty plugins can make large amounts of API requests which will also lead to your Discord account getting suspended.