How to change your age on Discord

Learn how to change your age on Discord

How to change your age on Discord

Unfortunately there is no way to update your age in the Discord client, to change your birthday and age on Discord you will need to fill out a support ticket using Discords Help Center

Submitting a ticket to change your age

1) Go to the Discord support website and Submit a request.
2) From the dropdown "What can we help you with?" select Trust & Safety.
3) Now enter the email address of your Discord account.
4) Under "How can we help?" select Appeals, age update, and other questions.
5) On the drop down menu, select Update my age information.
6) The next field will ask for your phone number you registered your account with, this is optional.
7) You should add your real date of birth. Make sure you don't add it incorrectly this time.
8) Select the "Please confirm that you have attached the required materials" box to confirm that the details you have added are correct.

Fill out the subject and description explaining that your current date of birth on your account is not correct and that you would like to change it, then press submit and wait for a response from Discord.