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OKAI Discord Bot

Welcome to OKAI Bot page

Our bot has next features:

When the erver member without nitro sends animated emoji from this server, his message deletes and sends the new with rendered emoji
To delete your new message, just add reaction with ❌ on it

When a member or bot joins your server, it gets the role specified for the its type

[Level System]
If enabled, when user will send message, he'll get xp for it
You can add/remove/set user level add ignore roles/channels, change cooldown to get next xp, add role reward by getting some level, set channel for level up messages (DM by default) and finally reset user(s) xp/level settings

[Role by reaction]
/rolebyreact [message id/ur] [emoji] [@role] — bot adds reaction and when member adds it too, he gets the specified role
/maxrolesbyreact [message id/url] [max roles/reactions (0 for any)] — sets max number of roles, that member can get from this message

Just simple music commands:
/play /add /pause /resume /next /prev /join /leave /queue /current /loop
When bot leaves channel, a queue clears

Simple commands to send gif with cat, dog or anime

Gets random meme from r/dankmemes and random animeme from r/animemes

/osu user [username] — shows info about user
/osu best [username] — shows best played maps of user
/osu recent [username] — shows recent played map of user //temporary disabled

In the future we will implement:
[Web Dashboard]

Support bot: https://www.donationalerts.com/r/okai
Alternate Link: https://www.donationalerts.com/c/okai