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  • Prefix: o!
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  • Category: Economy
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Ofansi Discord Bot

Ofansi is a social bot with levels, profile, followers system. Pet, Daily, Crate Opener, Relationship system.

Ofansi is a social media bot combined with minigames and many other fun features and weekly updates.
1. Ecomony System
2. RelationShip System
3. Social System with Followers

Updates are made weekly and many new things are added to see the new orders you can check on (o!help)
General Commands
[o!myprofile] - Show your profile
[o!bonus] - Bonus for newbie
[o!setinfo] - Set your info account
[o!follow] - Follow a person
[o!opencrate] - Open a create and win.
[o!buylevel] - The command needed to advance to another level.
[o!applybackground] - Apply background profile
[o!applyframe] - Apply frame profile