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Tempo Discord Bot

Providing high quality audio to your server Tempo is a must have bot providing music to your server 24 hours a day!

Bot Commands:
>prefix <newPrefix> - Set the prefix to respond to
>play - Play a song either from a URL or select from a list of results. Supports YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Vimeo, Twitch, Beam and uploaded files.
>pause/resume - Pause or resume the current song.
>np - Displays the currently playing song.
>queue [page] - List all songs in the queue.
>clear - Clear all songs in the music queue.
>loop - Loop the music queue.
>repeat - Repeat the currently playing song.
>restart - Restart to the beginning of the track.
>seek <time (e.g. 5m3s = 5 minutes and 3 seconds> - Seek to a time in the current song.
>shuffle - Shuffle the music queue.
>volume <1-150> - Set the volume for music.
>remove <trackId / @user> - Remove a specific track ID or all tracks requested by a user.
>history - View a list of all tracks that have been played in this session.