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WatchGirl Discord Bot

I am a one step setup log bot. There is no knowledge needed to set me up besides the basic discord stuff.
With one command, setup, You can see how i work on getting started. Please keep in mind i am working on new features for my logs so you can have more for your logging needs with less setup!
As of now, I can log Message Deletions, Message edits, Image deletions (with or without text), user updates, and Member joins and leaves! There will be more added later.

How to start me:
Step 1: Invite me to your server!

Step 2: Have a staff member with MANAGE_CHANNELS create a single channel called #logs

Step 3: Make sure WatchGirl has proper permissions to read every channel you wish to log and have SEND MESSAGES & READ MESSAGES Permission for WatchGirl in the #logs channel.

Step 4: Enjoy the logs I can provide as of now and possibly more in the future!

- Also feel free to try my additional Music features!