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  • Prefix: !
  • Servers: 75
  • Category: Moderation
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You can configure me without problems with commands, but .. Do you want to do it in a more open way? I also have my own Dashboard and not to mention, having to not pay normal functions/features. It's all free!

With my multiple systems and interactive commands I will look for the best appearance, performance and fun for your server, I am eager to have a new partner and travel to the moon together!

Moody is a fully modular bot featuring Moderation, Utility, Logging, and much more!

Moody was created to replace other bots in your server while at the same time offering a lot of the same features from other bots, just better! We provide advanced moderation, logging, utility commands, and so much more! And this is all just the beginning! Moody is currently in early beta, meaning there's still a lot of work to do.

We have a highly reliable and remarkably fast web dashboard, allowing for endless customization on the fly. We are focused on making our dashboard modern and intuitive yet simplistic and easy to utilize.

Not to mention, we are constantly working on updates to improve Moody, coupled with fast bug fixes and practically no downtime. We also offer support in our Discord server almost 24/7, with dedicated support staff ready to help. So whether it's how to invite Moody to your server or how to enable a feature - we're eager to help you.