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Reg Discord Bot

Music and simple moderation and other fun feature.
Customizable prefix per guild can be modify by guild master and admins of the guild.

#Simple moderation#
kick, ban, mute, unban, giveaway

play, skip, stop, np, queue and more

#Music 1# (Old)
nplay, nskip, npause, nresume, nremove, nback, nmove, nnp, nqueue and more

rps, coinflip, meme, anime

#Discord Games#
chess, poker, betrayal, fishing, YouTube-together

#Apex Legend Tracker#
apex, apex-status

Some commands are listed as premium but you do not need to buy. Its a way of preventing people who love to abuse those command that might actually crash the bot or too much invite link to create which also give the discord mods/admin a big headache to delete those links 1by1.

If you wish to have the premium access, do direct DM the bot.
If you have any suggestion (good or bad), do direct DM the bot.
A few of us will monitor the DM logs regularly and we will get back to you ASAP.

Full list of commands: