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  • Prefix: =
  • Servers: 357
  • Category: Music
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Reg Discord Bot

A community bot that are able to play music from YouTube, Simple/Basic Moderation commands and more.

- Able to turn on/off auto remove messages contain phishing links or discord invites that does not belong to the same server and send alert message in that same text channel.
- Customizable prefix
- Guild owner able to blacklist/whitelist their member from using Reg

Admin# (Member Require permission: Manage Server)
antiscam, anti-invite, setprefix, blacklist, whitelist, giveaway, purge (Max 10 message for now)

#Simple moderation#
kick, ban, mute, unban

play, skip, stop, np, queue and more

rps, coinflip, meme, anime

#Discord Games#
chess, poker, betrayal, fishing, YouTube-together

#Apex Legend Tracker#
apex, apex-status

For more info about Reg, Check our website:
Join Reg Support Discord Server for further inquiry at