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  • Prefix: s!
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  • Category: Gaming
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Astronaut Discord Bot

❝Astronaut❞ 🪐
.。.:*☆ Astronaut is a multi-purpose bot that includes... ✨

✗ Many fun commands to keep you and your members entertained!
✗ Great for moderation purposes!
✗ Games, such as Fight, Aki, TicTacToe, WaterJump and much more!
✗ Utility, info and birthday commands!
✗ Music and economy per-server systems!
*✗ *

The bot receives updates nearly every week!

⋆。˚ ✩ Astronaut also has its own command for reporting bugs that is available in every server and allows users to report a bug straight away!
The bot has its own host and can be online 24/7, with some exceptions such as bug fixing or updates. ☄️
⋆。˚ ✩ There is also an official support server which is always there to help and listen to community's suggestion!