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Embedinator Discord Bot

Have you been looking for a simple solution to create embeds? Without any hassle, without the need for a website, and with a simple process? Or maybe you’ve wondered if there’s a free version of an embed builder? If that’s the case, Embedinator is the perfect bot for you!

Embedinator can make embeds simply by asking you questions! Your embed will be created once you’ve finished all of the steps and questions. It’s that simple.

Main Commands
e!embed (Starts the embed creation process!) ———————— Permission: MANAGE_MESSAGE
e!colors (Displays all available to use colors for the embeds)- Permission: @everyone
e!setprefix <new prefix> (Changes the bot’s prefix.) ———– Permission:MANAGE_SERVER

The e!embed command is the first command you should run. The bot will ask you questions such as the embed title, description, footer, picture URL, and so on. You can skip questions by answering n/a to the ones that are asked. The bot will assist you along the process, so do not worry!

The e!colors command can be used to help select embed colors. This will display all of the colors that Embedinator supports!

Is the bot’s prefix clashing with another bot’s prefix? No worries! Simply run the e!setprefix <prefix> command!

Side Commands
e!help (Prints the bot help message) ———————————- Permission: @everyone
e!ping (Displays the bot’s ping) —————————————— Permission: @everyone
e!support (Prompts an invite link to the support server.) ——- Permission: @everyone
e!stats (Shows general statistics about Embedinator!) ——— Permission: @everyone
e!avatar <user> (Displays yours/a mentioned user’s avatar) – Permission: @everyone
e!userinfo <user> (Displays general information about your/a mentioned user’s account) – Permission: @everyone
e!serverinfo (Displays general information about the server) – Permission: @everyone

Finally, the bot includes two additional useful commands. e!userinfo and e!serverinfo. These commands have nothing to do with the embed generation process, but they are useful to have. The command displays the user’s and server’s basic information.