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PYS Bump

2,300 Servers

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Bot Info
  • Prefix: py! (customizable)
  • Servers: 2,300
  • Category: Other
  • Accepts Donations?: Yes
  • Last Bumped: 1 day ago

PYS Bump Discord Bot

A discord bump bot that bumps/advertise your servers to other discord servers. A bump bot made and updated by Promote Your Servers, along with a group of developers that help to maintain and upgrade the bot

Getting Started
It is very simple to set up your server and bump. py!setdescription <Server Description>, py!setinvite then simple py!bump to bump your server. If you need more help py!help for the full list of help commands.

Premium Benefits
Having premium will allow you to bump to more server, have reduce cooldowns, set a bump color/banner and also autobump your servers