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Kyra Discord Bot

Hi! I am Kyra.

I am a music bot that is trying to be the best I can be! Hopefully I can outrank the big boys. *hehe*

I have a decent amount of things to offer when you need music.
I have the basic play, stop, pause, skip...
But i also have the more interesting features too.

Alongside that, i can also add a twist of lime in the mix. I have filters!
bassboost, nightcore, and surround sound, PLUS More.
Isn't that interesting, cos i think so!
Just use the filter command first and the actual filter name after it.

I also come with a few helpful utilities, like avatar, calc, time... and a few more.

So if you need some Two plus two is four, minus one that's three, quick maths, I can help!

If you need a list of my commands use k/help to see all you can do! *also make sure you read footers ;)

If you find interest in trying the filters I have, please dont use them as commands. That would confuse me. Make sure you use it as an argument with the k/filter command. (example: